North Korean Crisis Reveals Biggest Rift in US-EU Relations Since WWII

Sputnik News – August 17, 2017

Washington’s ramping up of the war of words with Pyongyang hasn’t got the backing of the EU, RIA Novosti contributor and political commentator Rostislav Ishchenko writes, referring to the fact that the rift between the US and its European allies continues to grow.

Recent weeks have marked a serious escalation of tensions between the US and North Korea over the latter’s missile tests and Washington’s saber-rattling in the region.

According to Ishchenko, the US leadership regards the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) as a “convenient adversary.”

“[North Korea] definitely has nuclear weapons and no one would accuse Washington of lying, as it was with Iraq, Syria or Libya,” Ishchenko wrote, “[The DPRK] has substantial ground forces, capable of resisting the aggressor; at the same time, the North Korean fleet is not able to operate far from the country’s shores, therefore, it cannot threaten the US’ strategic communications.”