Building Permit Denied for Australian Synagogue Because ‘It Might Draw Terror Attack’

Simon Kent – August 7, 2017

SYDNEY, Australia — Jewish leaders in Australia’s biggest city have reacted with dismay after a court rejected their application to build a new synagogue on the grounds that it could become a terrorist target.

The temple was destined for a piece of land just a short walk from Sydney’s iconic Bondi Beach but nearby residents complained that its presence might draw a terror attack. Inspectors from Waverly Council, which was tasked with the initial approval process, agreed. They pointed to the synagogue’s own design, which included setback buildings and blast walls, as evidence that an attack could be anticipated.

Waverley Council had previously refused the development application for reasons including that the site was “unsuitable for a synagogue because of the potential risk to users and other members of the general public.”

They also said the design would have an “unacceptable impact” on the street and neighborhood.