Pope Orders No More Euthanasia in Belgium

TruNews – August 11, 2017

Pope Francis has ordered a dissenting Belgian branch of a Catholic charity to stop offering euthanasia to patients of psychiatric wards or face expulsion. Taking a person’s life, even his own, is a grave sin in Christianity, and the Pope has repeatedly spoken against euthanasia.

RT reports that The Brothers of Charity order has branches in 20 nations and is focused on providing care for the elderly and the mentally ill. Since March it has been in a state of turmoil, after its oldest branch in Belgium amended its policy to allow euthanasia in the 15 hospitals it operates.

The group in Belgium refused an order from its Rome-based superior general, Brother Rene Stockman, to reverse its decision and also defied Belgian Catholic bishops, who spoke against euthanasia in May, responding to the Brothers of Charity’s decision.

After several months of internal investigation, the Vatican has now formally ordered the dissenting branch to amend its policy by end of August.