Latest ‘gay’ lunacy: Queer saints?

Marisa Martin – July 26, 2017

Oscar Wilde has been the metaphorical patron saint for gay artists for over a century, but a planned art exhibit is coming close to a full canonization. Unveiling this September, the “Oscar Wilde Temple” will be installed in the Church of the Village in New York City.

Artists “McDermott & McGough” will create a temporary chapel inside the Methodist church as a memorial to celebrity homosexuals over the last century. The purpose of the temple is to reflect on historic “homophobia.” This must be in church history somewhere, and undoubtedly the founder of Methodism, John Wesley, spoke on it often.

Their endeavor is supported by a crowd of gay activists and supporters, such as the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender Community Center of New York. Likely they had to take time off their routine church work on altar guilds and visitation of shut-ins to do this.

A four-foot statue of Wilde is planned as the center of interest for this pop-up church. Paintings in a Victorian Aesthetic style (which Wilde embodied) will supply more information. Note the halo hovering over Wilde, so we can know what the new “holy” looks like.