Charlie Gard To Die In Hospice

Joshua Gill – July 27, 2017

A judge ruled Wednesday that Charlie Gard will die in hospice after the deadline passed for Gard’s parents to present alternative end of life options.

Justice Francis decided that Gard would die in hospice unless Chris Gard and Connie Yates, Gard’s parents, presented an alternative option by 12 p.m., to which the Great Ormond Street Hospital agreed. As his parents could not find viable alternative options, Gard is set to be taken into hospice care and taken off of life support “shortly after,” according to International Business Times.

Francis ruled that Gard’s time of death would be kept private. The decision to move Gard to hospice came after Gard’s parents decided Monday to end their appeal to have their son treated. Chris Gard said the decision to let their son die was now in his best interests, as it was too late to treat him with any hope of improvement, thanks to the prolonged intervention of the court.