Update-Baby Charlie Gard Loses His Fight and the State Gets its “Death Wish”

Onan Coca – July 24, 2017

I’m sure that many tears are being shed today around the world as the parents of baby Charlie Gard have announced that they are giving up the fight to save their son.

The lawyer for Charlie’s parents, Grant Armstrong, gave the sad news to the media this morning, “Sadly time has run out. For Charlie it is too late. The parents’ worst fears have been confirmed.”

Because the British government and London’s Great Ormond Street Hospital have fought Charlie’s parents for the last five months, his condition has progressed too far for even the most experimental treatments to offer hope.

Last week, the leading expert in the mitochondrial disease that Charlie has been fighting, met with the family in London to examine Baby Charlie. Sadly, while the advanced treatments in the United States could have helped Charlie months ago, the latest MRI scan showed that the disease had progressed too far for the treatments to work.