Activist Mommy Starts ‘Operation Pull Teen Vogue’ After Mag Peddles Sexual Perversion to Minors

CBN News – July 18, 2917

Elizabeth Johnston, also known as the “Activist Mommy” is outraged over a recent article in Teen Vogue magazine that tells kids how to perform sodomy.

In a video in response to the July 7th article, Johnston can be seen burning pages of the magazine.

“They are teaching children 11 through 17, that’s the target audience of this magazine … how to be safely sodomized,” she says in the video.

Johnston’s video, posted on her Facebook page, has been viewed more than 8 million times. In it she also talks about #OperationPullTeenVogue, which encourages parents to demand stores to pull the magazine from their shelves.

Johnston told CBN News her initial reaction to the article, saying, “I was just so outraged when some parents sent me this article.”

“I could not believe what I was reading. And the worst part about it was that here you have adults peddling this sexual information to minors, to children,” she said.