‘Poor reflection on society’ as 12-year-olds given morning-after pill by NHS

The Christian Institute – July 7, 2017

Girls as young as twelve have been offered the morning-after pill by NHS Tayside, a Freedom of Information request has discovered.

Scottish newspaper The Courier revealed that dozens of children under the age of 16 had been prescribed the ‘emergency contraceptive’ pill over the last five years in the Dundee area.

The morning-after pill is an abortifacient, which can end a pregnancy by causing an early-stage abortion.

Data released by NHS Tayside showed more than a dozen 14-year-olds and 27 15-year-olds had been given the morning-after pill by either a primary care giver or sexual health service in 2016-17.

Bill Bowman MSP said it was clear more needed to be done to combat underage sex and questioned if it was “a great reflection on our society” that so many 12 and 13 year-olds in Tayside were being given the morning-after pill.