Parents charged for preventing child attending class mosque trip

Mordechai Sones – June 19, 2017

Parents in Rendsburg, Germany, whose son did not attend a mosque visit as part of his geography curriculum, have been summoned to court. A spokesman for the Itzehoe district court, Philipp Terhorst, has confirmed that there will be a trial in August.

The parents of the high school student had previously not accepted the fine of 300 euros – 150 euros each for the father and mother. They do not belong to any religious community and feared “religious indoctrination” of their child. They argued that no one may be compelled to enter a religious building against his will.

The case drew a great deal of nationwide attention. In June 2016, a seventh-grade teacher of the Rendsburger Kronwerk Gymnasium planned a visit to a mosque during the geography unit on “The Orient – Water and Oil Power Factors”. The 13-year-old stayed at home because his parents refused to allow their son into a mosque, which has until now been a constitutionally protected right. The school marked the boy’s absence as a “truancy” and thus as an administrative offense.