‘The Time Is Ripe’: UK Heads for Brexit, EU Chiefs Accelerate Plans for EU Army

Sputnik News – June 12, 2017

French aviation giant Airbus is preparing to craft a new fighter jet, as the European Union moves ever closer to its dream of an integrated defense policy, and corresponding European army – plans which has accelerated considerably as the UK, arguably the continent’s foremost military power, prepares to exit the bloc.

Speaking to local media, Airbus’ military division head Fernando Alonso said financing for the new fighter had been provided from the governments of Germany and Spain, and he hoped France would also participate.

“We have to work together in Europe, there is no more space for two or three different systems. The time is ripe for making and implementing a decision [on common defense],” he added.The Airbus project, the Future Combat Air System, will replace the Eurofighter and Tornado jet models in Germany, as well as Spain’s F16 fleet.