NJ disease experts are concerned about risk of global pandemic

David Matthau – June 5, 2017

Breakthroughs in science and technology are allowing people to live longer than ever before, but there’s increasing concern about a possible global pandemic that could kill millions.

“With global markets, our food supply coming from different countries and exotic travel commonplace, the world is in one sense getting smaller, and it makes disease more communicable, ” said Dr. Ted Louie, an infectious disease expert with the Medical Society of New Jersey.

Louis, who is affiliated with Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital, Saint Peter’s University Hospital and Highland Park Medical, says there are several reasons why the risk is greater now than it’s ever been.

“The climate is changing and as certain parts of our country become drier and hotter, mosquitoes are prone to proliferate,” he said.

He noted as mosquitoes extend further north along the east coast, we would expect more dengue fever, chikungunya and other mosquito-borne illnesses to increase.