Against terror backdrop, the UK prepares to vote

DW – June 6, 2017

Britain is gearing up to go to the polls on June 8 after an extraordinary election campaign. It is one that has been, all too often, overshadowed by tragedy, with major terror attacks in London and Manchester over the last month.

Campaigning was suspended on Monday, in the wake of the weekend’s terror attack on London Bridge. But the ostensible suspension of campaigning did not stop Labour and the Conservatives from trading barbs. Labour criticized Theresa May’s record of cutting funding for the police, while the Conservatives said that Labour would not be strong on terror.

“Inevitably there will be increased discussion of security, with Labour focusing on Conservative cuts to police numbers and the Conservatives asking whether Labour is tough enough on counter-terrorism,” said Tom Follett, policy and projects manager at the think tank ResPublica. “However, other domestic issues have played a significant role in this election and voters know by now that life goes on after terror attacks.”