World on the cusp of worst famine since WWII

– June 1, 2017

Since gaining its independence from Sudan and being granted admission into the UN on July 13, 2011, #South Sudan has been facing a horrendous humanitarian crisis. Despite trying to separate itself from decades of civil wars in Sudan, South Sudan has not fared much better since its independence.

The South Sudanese Civil War, which began on December 15, 2013, has resulted in an estimated 300,000 casualties and has displaced 3.5 million people out of the country’s population of 12 million. But, worst of all, the fighting has devastated the nation’s agriculture and economic sectors which has left 5 million people in urgent need of food and water.

In fact, On February 20, 2017, South Sudan and the UN officially declared that parts of the former Unity State were experiencing #famine.

However, South Sudan is not the only nation in the region experiencing foot shortages. Nigeria, Somalia, and Yemen, nations also dealing with their own bloody conflicts, are also in serious need of aid.