US weighing military response to North Korea

Gary Willig – JUNE 29, 2017

The US is preparing a possible military option against the threat of North Korea, among other options, US President Donald Trump’s National Security Advisor H.R. McMaster said Wednesday.

“The threat is much more immediate now and so it’s clear that we can’t repeat the same approach – the failed approach of the past,” McMaster said during a security conference with Homeland Security Chief John Kelly, Fox News reported.

McMaster added that it would be “insanity” for the US to continue to pursue the same policy on North Korea as it has in the past and expect a better result, alluding to Albert Einstein’s famous similar remark on the definition of insanity.

President Trump is scheduled to meet tomorrow with South Korean President Moon Jae-in, who has vowed to stand with Trump against North Korea.

“Together we will achieve the dismantlement of North Korea’s nuclear program, peace on the Korean Peninsula and eventually peace in Northeast Asia,” Moon said.

CBO: Income Taxes Up 9.5% Next Year; But Debt Climbs More Than $1 Trillion

Terence P. Jeffrey – June 29, 2017

( – Unless current laws are changed, federal individual income tax collections will increase by 9.5 percent in fiscal 2018, which begins on Oct. 1, according to data released today by the Congressional Budget Office.

At the same time, however, the federal debt will increase by more than $1 trillion.

In fiscal 2017, which ends on Sept. 30, the federal government will collect $3.315 trillion in total taxes, according to the projections the CBO released with its “Update to the Budget and Economic Outlook: 2017 to 2027.”

That $3.315 trillion in total taxes will include $1.574 trillion in individual income taxes; $1,164 trillion in payroll taxes; $310 billion in corporate income taxes; and $267 billion in other taxes.

Transgender Agenda Sowing Seeds of Confusion in Our Children

Christian Institute – June 28, 2017

The promotion of transsexual policies in schools is leading to “confusion about gender identity” in children, a leading educationalist has warned.

Author and lecturer at the University of Kent, Dr. Joanna Williams, made the comments at The Telegraph Festival of Education.

She criticized campaigners for seeking to change school policies on gender and forcing children to “unlearn” the difference between boys and girls.

Dr Williams said: “We are increasingly reminded that schools are struggling financially. Yet the time, effort and money that goes into producing and monitoring transgender policies is out of all proportion to the tiny number of trans children currently in British schools.”

She added: “Children—encouraged by their experiences at school—are beginning to question their gender identity at ever younger ages.

Planned Parenthood Docs ‘Break Babies’ Necks’ If Born Alive, Former Patient Claims

Brandon Showalter – June 28, 2017

A woman who sought an abortion at a Planned Parenthood clinic says she was told that if her baby was born alive, the doctor would kill it outside of the womb by “breaking its neck,” which is illegal.

The mother, who went to Planned Parenthood in St. Paul, Minnesota, to start the two-day surgical abortion at 22 weeks, says in a video released Tuesday by Pro-Life Action Ministries that she was shocked to learn the details about the abortion procedure and felt pressured to continue, even though she was having second thoughts.

One abortionist was scheduled to start the procedure on the first day while another would complete the abortion on the second. The abortionists (one male, one female) also informed her that they would be injecting the baby’s heart with digoxin to initiate fetal demise within 24 to 48 hours.

“The male doctor,” she said, “began jamming that needle in and out” of her stomach but was ultimately unable reach his heart to inject it with the digoxin.

When she returned to the clinic the next day she had changed her mind about going through with the abortion. She then told the doctors she wanted the laminaria, which are used to dilate the cervix 24 hours ahead of an abortion, to be removed and to go home.

She also asked what might happen if her baby was born alive while she was at the clinic, since she was already dilated.

The female doctor responded, hesitantly, she recounts, saying: “We don’t tell women this, and a lot of women don’t even ask this question, but if he was to proceed with the abortion and the baby was to come out still alive and active, most likely we would break the baby’s neck.”

‘Death Panel’: European Court Says Terminal Baby Must Die Despite Parents Funding Extra Care

Liam Deacon – June 29, 2017

A European court has ruled that the parents of a critically ill baby cannot privately pay for him to go to the United States for “experimental treatment”, and the child must stay in a British hospital to “die with dignity”.

The parents of 10-month-old Charlie Gard are reported to be “utterly distraught” after the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) denied them a final effort to save their dying son.

After losing a battle in the UK’s Supreme Court, they had appealed to the court in France to fight the decision of British doctors at Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital, who argued the baby could not be saved in the U.S. and must “die with dignity”.

Chris Gard, 32, and Connie Yates, 31, had raised more than £1.3 million to take Charlie to the U.S. for partially untested, “experimental” treatment, which they claim could save his life.

Britain has a socialised healthcare system, and despite the fact his parents raised private funds for treatment, the courts could have acted as what some in U.S. politicians call a “death panel”, decided who is and who is not worth saving.

IDF targets Syrian positions in response to projectile hitting Golan Heights

RT – June 28, 2017

The Israel Defense Forces says it has responded to a “projectile launched from Syria towards Israel” by firing at Syrian army positions.

Moments ago, a projectile fired from Syria hit an open area in the northern Golan Heights. No injuries reported,” the IDF’s Twitter account posted on Wednesday. Half an hour later, the IDF reported it had “targeted the Syrian military position that fired the mortar.”

The IDF fired back at the village of Samadanieh al Sharqiyah in Quneitra province, near where Syrian government forces have been engaging rebels over the last week, according to Beirut-based broadcaster Al-Mayadeen TV.

The mortar was reported by the IDF while Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was visiting a nearby village in the Golan Heights.

“While I was speaking, I said here that we will not tolerate errant shooting and we will respond to all firing. During my speech, there was errant fire from the Syrian side that landed in our territory and the army has already attacked,” Reuters quoted the PM as saying.

Arrest made after Ten Commandments monument at Arkansas Capitol toppled, shattered

Emma Pettit – June 28, 2017

A 6-foot-tall stone Ten Commandments monument installed Tuesday on the Arkansas Capitol grounds was toppled less than 24 hours later after a 32-year-old Arkansas man drove a vehicle into the statue, apparently while streaming the act live on Facebook, officials said.

Chris Powell, a spokesman with the secretary of state’s office, said he was called early Wednesday and told a man drove a vehicle through the monument. That driver — identified in an arrest report as Michael Tate Reed of Van Buren — was arrested by Capitol police shortly after, Powell said. News reports indicate Reed was previously accused of destroying a Ten Commandments monument in Oklahoma.

The Arkansas arrest report said an officer around 4:45 a.m. spotted a dark-colored vehicle “start from a stopped position and ram the Ten Commandments monument.”

“I immediately exited my vehicle and placed the subject in custody,” Cpl. Chad Durham wrote, noting Reed was first taken to a local hospital before being booked into the Pulaski County jail.

Abortions of disabled babies at all-time high in Scotland

The Christian Institute – June 27, 2017

A pro-life group has called on the Scottish Government to do more to protect the unborn after new figures revealed an all-time high in abortions of disabled babies in Scotland.

The figures released by the NHS in Scotland found there were 216 abortions because of disability in 2016, a 57 per cent rise from the 2011 figure of 136.

John Deighan, CEO of the Society for the Protection of Unborn Children Scotland, said: “In Scotland, we rightly go to great lengths to accommodate people with a disability, yet as a society we are eradicating them before they are born, thus sending a bleak message to our disability community.”

Of the 216 disability abortions, more than one in three were because of Down’s syndrome.

The Federal Government Owns 61 Percent Of Idaho, 64 Percent Of Utah And 84 Percent Of Nevada

Michael Snyder – June 26, 2017

Did you know that the federal government owns 28 percent of all land in the United States?  Today, the feds control approximately 640 million acres of land, and after decades of very poor management, many are calling on the states to take a larger role.  This is particularly true in the 11 western states where the federal government collectively owns 47 percent of all land.  East of the Mississippi River, the feds only own 4 percent of all land, and there is no reason for such a disparity to exist.  In Connecticut and Iowa, the federal government only owns 0.3 percent of all land.  Such an arrangement seems to work very well for those states, and so why can’t we dramatically reduce federal land ownership in the western states as well?

Of course the federal government will always need a very small amount of land for certain national purposes, and nobody is disputing that.  According to the Heritage Foundation, the following are the primary purposes that federal land is being used for…

These holdings include national parks, national forests, recreation areas, wildlife refuges, vast tracts of range and wasteland managed by the Bureau of Land Management, reservations held in trust for Native American tribes, military bases, and ordinary federal buildings and installations.

We will always need to have some land set aside for those purposes.

But does the Bureau Of Land Management really need more than 247 million acres?

Days Of Lot: New Survey Finds That Evangelical Christian Support For Gay Marriage Has More Than Doubled

– June 27, 2017

A new survey just released by the Pew Research Center has found that support for gay marriage in the United States is at an all-time record high. According to the survey, 62 percent of all Americans are now in favor of allowing gays and lesbians to get married, and only 32 percent are opposed. These numbers have almost flipped completely upside down from where they were a decade ago. In 2007, 54 percent of all Americans were against gay marriage and only 37 percent were in favor of it. To say that our culture has been transformed over the past ten years would be a major understatement.

One of the biggest shifts that we have seen has been among evangelicals. This brand new survey discovered that support for gay marriage among white evangelicals has more than doubled since 2007…

Support for same-sex marriage has risen across all religious groups in recent years, including among white evangelicals and black Protestants. Support for same sex-marriage among white Evangelicals has more than doubled compared with a decade ago (14% then, 35% now), while the share of black Protestants who favor same-sex marriage has increased from 24% in 2007 to 44% today.

In particular, the shift in favor of gay marriage among evangelicals has been most noticeable among young people. Today, a staggering 47 percent of all white evangelicals born after 1964 favor gay marriage