Judge orders protection scheme for abortionists

Bob Unruh – May 26. 2017

A federal judge in California, appointed under the pro-abortion agenda of Barack Obama, was infuriated that a newly released undercover video revealed abortionists at the top level of the U.S. industry joking about “eyeballs in laps” and other horrific incidents, and has censored the news media’s delivery of that information to the American public.

The video, which appeared Thursday, included abortionists chuckling among themselves about the hardships of their work, including “heads that get stuck” and baby-parts customers who say they “want brain.”

Judge William Orrick III late Thursday ordered the organization that has released more than a dozen undercover videos, all legally, revealing Planned Parenthood’s baby body parts trade to remove the video.

The order immediately rippled through the Web, imposing Orrick’s prior restraint decision on media outlets that also had posted the information.

The video, produced by the Center for Medical Progress, was posted on the website of one of the attorneys defending the group’s leaders.