Cholera outbreak claims 315 lives in Yemen

Aljazeera – May 21, 2017

A cholera outbreak in war-ravaged Yemen has killed 315 people since April 27, the UN World Health Organization (WHO) said on Sunday.

The cholera infection is continuing to spread across Yemen with more than 29,300 suspected cases reported in 19 of the country’s 22 provinces, the agency added in a tweet.

The latest tallies come a day after the international charity organisation Doctors without Borders warned that the cholera outbreak could get out of control in Yemen.

The impoverished country has been devastated by a power struggle between a Saudi-backed government and Iran-aligned rebels since late 2014. Yemen’s ongoing violence has taken a toll on its healthcare centres.

Last week, a state of emergency was declared in the rebel-held capital Sana’a after a large number of cholera cases were detected in the city.