Incumbent President Rouhani wins Iranian elections

DW – May 20, 2017

President Hassan Rouhani has won Iran’s presidential election, beating conservative Ebrahim Raisi. Rouhani’s victory signals that the majority of Iranians wish to keep the course of reform and modernization.

With a substantial turnout for Iran’s presidential elections on Friday, incumbent President Hassan Rouhani won with a resounding majority. With almost all of the votes counted, Rouhani got 23.5 million votes compared to 15.8 million for his nearest challenger, hardliner Ebrahim Raisi, according to Interior Minister Abdolreza Rahmani Fazli.

Rouhani told national television later on Friday that the message of the election was one of “Iran living in peace and friendship with the world.”

He said the election showed Iran is ready to promote friendly global relations “based on mutual respect and its national interests.”