North Korea Says It Plans To Develop Diverse Collection Of Nukes

Ryan Pickrell – May 16, 2017

North Korea hinted Tuesday that more nuclear and ballistic provocations are in store.

Pyongyang is quite pleased with itself after the successful launch Sunday of a new weapon, a Hwasong-12 medium long-range surface-to-surface missile. The missile appears to be the longest-range missile tested to date.

Expert observers suspect that weapon is a step towards an intercontinental ballistic missile, one that could permit the reclusive regime to develop a working ICBM earlier than anticipated. The South Korean Defense Minister said that the test indicates that North Korea’s ballistic missile program is progressing faster than expected, NBC News reports.

North Korea is testing missiles at an accelerated rate, as the North has launched more missiles in the past three years than the previous three decades.

Pyongyang indicated Tuesday that more tests and a diversified collection of nukes and deployment means are in the works.