Undercover Call Catches Abortion Clinic Offering to Euthanize 30-Week-Old Baby

Veronica Neffing – May 9, 2017

An undercover investigation into the practices of a New Mexico abortion clinic has revealed that the clinic has no qualms about aborting babies, even those who have reached 30-weeks gestation.

LifeNews.com reports that the Southwestern Women’s Options clinic in Albuquerque, New Mexico is one of the last abortion clinics in the U.S. that will abort babies through all nine months of pregnancy.

Recently, the pro-life groups Priests for Life and Abortion Free New Mexico conducted an investigation into the clinic’s abortion practices to see how they handle a late-term abortion situation.

One of the investigators called the clinic, posing as a 26-year-old woman who was seeking an abortion. She told the clinic she was 30 weeks pregnant.

“We will euthanize the fetus on the first day,” the staffer told her. On the following day, the staffer continued, “we dilate the cervix and then we induce labor. So you will be going through the act of labor and delivery of a stillborn fetus.”