M5.5 earthquake kills 8 in China, after M6.5 earthquake hits South Sandwich Islands

Strange Sounds – May 11, 2017

8 people were killed and 23 injured in the magnitude 5.5 earthquake that occurred on Thursday at 05:58 in Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, China.

Numerous strong aftershocks – 82 as of 10:00 – were felt after the earthquake.

The earthquake affected more than 12,000 local residents. 9,200 people were evacuated to safe places.

Large cracks appeared in walls of buildings and several houses collapsed near the epicenter of the quake.

A few hours before, at 11:23 pm on May 10, 2017, a M6.5 earthquake rattled South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands. No tsunami threats have been reported.