Jewelry Company Offers Parents ‘Sacred Art’ Made of IVF EMBRYOS

Katie Yoder – May 5, 2017

Pope Francis was right when he warned that today’s “throwaway culture” applied even to human life. One example is just breaking American news – and it’s a disturbing one: a company is offering to insert parents’ “extra” embryos, from in vitro fertilization, into jewelry.

On Wednesday, Kidspot, a popular Australian parenting site, announced, “Couples are turning extra IVF embryos into jewellery.”

“Donation wasn’t an option, the annual storage fee was an added financial strain, and disposing of them unimaginable,” writer Lisa Mayoh said of one couple in her story. But, thanks to Australian company Baby Bee Hummingbirds, now the mom “has all of her babies with her every day – including seven embryos in her heart-shaped pendant worn close to her heart.”