Historic floodings far from over across the Midwest and South: Nine deaths blamed on flooding in several states

Strange Sounds – May 4, 2017

Storms and heavy rainfall that began over the weekend triggered flooding that has forced the closure of hundreds of roads in Missouri, Arkansas and Illinois and shut down a major waterway.

The floods have been blamed for at least nine deaths in several states across the Midwest and South. An 18-month-old Arkansas girl is missing after being swept away by floodwaters and is presumed dead. Hundreds of other roads have also been closed by flooding. Parts of the Mississippi and Missouri rivers are shut down.

River flooding will last well into next week, as the flood crest pushes down the Mississippi River and Arkansas’ White River. A crest near the January 2016 record is possible at Cape Girardeau, Missouri, this weekend. So far, 1 to 4 inches of rain has fallen from this second round of rain over much of the flood zone.” said weather.com senior meteorologist Jon Erdman. “”