Deported Criminal Alien Sneaks Back Into US, Rapes 9-Year-Old Girl

Trey Sanchez– April 25, 2017

Santiago Martinez-Flores, 48, was deported to Mexico in 2001, but is now facing charges of sneaking back over the U.S. border and raping a 9-year-old girl as she slept in her bedroom.

On February 26, Martinez-Flores broke into an apartment window in Clackamas County, Oregon, and found the young girl asleep in a bedroom she shared with her five-year-old sister. He raped the little girl and she eventually broke free and ran to her parents’ room. Her father came running with his gun, but Martinez-Flores was gone. His fingerprints were confirmed at the scene and he is now on the run and sought by police.

The criminal alien has been known by aliases, including Felipe Coeto and Isidro Ramos Flores. His criminal history dates back to 1994 and before he was deported, Martinez-Flores served a two year prison sentence in Oregon.

Stories of illegals raping young girls and women in this country are becoming frighteningly common in the age of sanctuary cities and opposition to President Trump’s immigration reform. The Left jumped on Trump for calling criminal aliens bad guys and rapists, but he did so only because that’s the reality.