Government Gets Ready to Block Churches With Fewer Than 6000 Members

CharismaNews – April 24, 2017

Ethiopia’s northern Tigray State is considering adopting a new law that would restrict Christian activities to within official church compounds, rendering illegal the activities of smaller churches that do not own their own buildings and gather in houses.

The law, if passed, would most affect Christians from outside the Ethiopian Orthodox Church because any church that wanted to have its own land would need to prove that it had at least 6,000 members—a greater number than the total population of non-Orthodox Christians in the state.

The law would also ban Christians from evangelizing outside of church compounds.

Local church leaders have raised their concerns about the law with the state government but have yet to receive a reply.

A similar law was recently ratified in neighboring Amhara State which, together with Tigray, is home to most members of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church, and local church leaders fear other states will copy the move.

Comment: John Durrad

This of course is being considered in Ethiopia and not in America, the UK, Europe or Australia.  However, if they pull this off, and the way the world is viewing Christian religions, one can imagine that it wouldn’t be long before a similar ban could be enforced throughout the world.

“Then they that gladly received his word were baptised: and the same day there were added unto them about three thousand souls.” Acts 2:41

God’s New Testament Church started with about 3,000 people including the disciples.  If this type of ban had been in place then, the New Testament Church would not have begun.  Of course, that would not have been the case because God’s Will would have been carried out no matter what laws man put in place.

We in God’s Church today can be reassured that whatever happens we as a Church will endure up until the that time that Christ returns and we will be changed and the kingdom of God will spread throughout the earth.