Abortionist Confronts Christians With Remains of Young Unborn Child to Assert It’s ‘Not a Baby’

– April 21, 2017

LAS VEGAS, Nev. — A video recorded outside of a Las Vegas abortion facility captures a Jewish abortionist confronting a group of Christians with a container holding the remains of an early gestated child in an attempt to assert that he was not killing babies.

Approximately 10 sidewalk counselors stood outside of A-Z Women’s Center on Saturday to urge parents not to kill their child. As Nick and Kelsey Hendrix were speaking to a couple who had arrived at the facility, abortionist William Ramos approached.

“You’re going to be accountable for all the murders you commit every day,” Dave Shumaker called out.

“I’m not committing any murders,” Ramos replied. “Read the definition of what murder is. Murder involves killing a living person. … It’s not a person … It’s an embryo.”