Japan adds its might to US strike group heading to Korea

TruNews – April 21, 2017

The USS Carl Vinson has company in the form of two Japanese destroyers as it steams toward the Korean Peninsula.

The two ships joined the American strike force in a show of force as tensions in the region remain high and North Korea prepares for the 85th anniversary of founding of its army.

Defense Ministry officials said the details of the joint US-Japan naval exercise are yet to be determined. The drill comes as an apparent show of force aimed at deterring North Korea, which will mark the 85th anniversary of the foundation of its military next week.

Though little is known about the naval exercise, the event was announced by the Japanese Navy earlier last week.

“Japan wants to dispatch several destroyers as the ‘Carl Vinson’ enters the East China Sea,” said one of the Japanese military sources, as cited by Reuters.