History Repeating: Balkan Region Risks Becoming the Powder Keg of Europe… Again

Sputnik News – April 6, 2017

It appears that the Balkans risk becoming the powder keg of Europe again, veteran journalist and RIA Novosti contributor Dmitri Dobrov warns.

“Religious and ethnic contradictions have once again intensified in the territory of former Yugoslavia; [the region] sees ethnic conflicts flaring up more and more often,” Dobrov wrote in his recent op-ed.

“According to the Heidelberg Institute for International Conflict Research (HIIK), the Balkan region has been recently struck by 18 major and minor conflicts,” the Russian journalist pointed out.

For instance, Dobrov specified that contradictions continue to simmer between Slovenia and Croatia over border issues in the Piran Gulf; Serbia and Croatia still cannot reach a compromise on the Island of Sarengrad and Island of Vukovar; Republika Srpska continues its efforts to join Serbia.

Meanwhile, the self-proclaimed Republic of Kosovo remains an apple of discord between Albanians and the Serbs.