Former LA District Attorneys Decry Charges Against Man Who Recorded Undercover Planned Parenthood Videos

– April 13, 2017

LOS ANGELES — Former Los Angeles County District Attorneys Steve Cooley and Brent Ferreira have joined the legal team supporting David Daleiden of the Center for Medical Progress, who was recently charged with 15 felonies for recordings made during the process of investigating the abortion giant Planned Parenthood.

The men appeared on a “Help David Defeat Goliath” conference call Wednesday night to talk about the charges and their belief that California Attorney General Xavier Becerra had wrongly applied the law to Daleiden’s activity.

“Attorney General Becerra is simply doing the bidding of Planned Parenthood and is using a law that does not fit David’s journalism at all to accuse him of a crime,” Ferreira said. “The statute itself says that it doesn’t apply to conversations being held in a public setting.”

“People who engage in public discourse have no expectation of privacy, and journalists who capture video footage of these conversations are protected by the First Amendment,” he outlined.