‘Potentially hazardous’ kilometre-wide asteroid will fly past Earth this month

– April 3,  2017

As if things on Earth weren’t scary enough, a massive chunk of space rock – classified as ‘potentially hazardous’ – is flying towards our planet.

Thankfully, asteroid 2014 JO25 will fly past Earth safely at 4.6 lunar distances on April 19 – which is 1.1 million miles.

It’s the closest flyby by a big asteroid in more than a decade.

NASA says, ‘The 2017 flyby is the closest by an asteroid at least this large since the encounter by 4179 Toutatis at four lunar distances in September 2004.

‘The next known flyby by an object with a comparable or larger diameter will occur when 800-m-diameter asteroid 1999 AN10 approaches within one lunar distance in August 2027.’