US Defense Secretary Mattis: North Korea has ‘got to be stopped’

DW – March 31, 2017

US Defense Secretary Jim Mattis slammed North Korea’s actions as ‘reckless,’ referring to the totalitarian regime’s nuclear weapons and missile programs.

His comments came during a Friday news conference with his British counterpart Michael Fallon in London. Asked by a journalist about the threat posed by Iran, the US defense secretary pivoted to North Korea, saying the hard-line regime has “got to be stopped.”

North Korea is believed to be preparing for a new nuclear test, and Mattis called the threat posed by Pyongyang increasingly urgent. This prompted a reporter to point out that when Mattis was the head of US Central Command in 2012, he said Iran was the most worrying threat facing the US.

“In the larger scheme of things,” Mattis said, North Korea is now the more urgent threat.

“This is a threat of both rhetoric and growing capability,” Mattis said, adding that the North Koreans are acting “in a very reckless manner” and that the US had to act accordingly.