Felony charges for pro-lifers behind Planned Parenthood videos

Bob Unruh – March 29, 2017

The state of California has belatedly jumped into the effort to protect Planned Parenthood by filing criminal charges against the two investigators who published undercover videos that exposed the abortion provider’s trade in baby body parts.

And the video makers with the Center for Medical Progress have responded by releasing yet another video. In the latest, a former employee of Planned Parenthood explains how she tries to make sure babies are dismembered before removal because of the visual impact of the dead victim.

“It’s not a matter of how I felt about [the unborn infant] coming out intact, but I’ve got to worry about my staff, and you know, people’s feelings about it, coming out looking like a baby,” says DeShawn Taylor, a former medical operator for Planned Parenthood Arizona who now runs her own abortion business.

California Attorney General Xavier Becerra announced Tuesday he has filed 15 criminal charges against the pro-life investigators, David Daleiden and Sandra Merritt, who released the videos through their Center for Medical Progress.