WORLD HEALTH FRIGHT Scientists warn world faces TB epidemic as disease ‘is becoming drug resistant’

Sun – March 24, 2017

THE world is facing a tuberculosis epidemic on an “unprecedented scale”, scientists have warned.

Drug-resistant strains are threatening to “derail decades of progress”.

TB killed 1.8million people in 2015 with 60 per cent of fatalities coming in just six countries.

One-in-five cases are now resistant to at least one major drug and five percent classed as MDR – resistant to the two most powerful isoniazid and rifampicin – or XDR which are also resistant to fluoroquinolones and second line injectable drugs.

Professor Keertan Dheda, of Cape Town University, said: “Resistance to anti-tuberculosis drugs is a global problem that threatens to derail efforts to eradicate the disease.