Fukushima nuclear crisis still unfolding 6 years on

Jamaica Observer – March 12, 2017

TOKYO, Japan (Xinhua) — While Japan yesterday marked the sixth anniversary of the 2011 earthquake and tsunami and the subsequent Fukushima nuclear disaster, how the aftermath has been dealt with has drawn much attention and concern from all over the world.

Tokyo Electric Power Company Holdings Inc (TEPCO), operator of the crippled Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant, has said it plans to decommission the reactors in about four decades.

However, the difficult tasks such as processing contaminated water, cooling the reactors, and removing nuclear fuel and debris continue to pose serious challenges to the power company as well as the Government.

TEPCO has, since the disaster, successfully decommissioned the number 5 and 6 reactors at the plant, and more than 1,500 fuel rods in the number 4 reactor have been taken out and safely stored.

But removing the melted nuclear fuel rods from the number 1-3 reactors poses the biggest challenge yet to the decommission work, according to experts, and TEPCO, apparently, has not yet come up with a viable solution.