Illegal Immigrant MS-13 Gang Members Charged With Murdering Teen to Appease Satan

– March 4, 2017

HOUSTON, Texas — Two members of the Salvadoran gang MS-13, who are reportedly in the U.S. illegally, have been arrested and charged with kidnapping three teenage girls and killing one to appease Satan’s desire for a soul sacrifice.

Miguel Alvarez-Flores, 22, and Diego Hernandez-Rivera, 18, have been charged with aggravated kidnapping and murder and now face possible life imprisonment. Bond has been set at $300,000 each, but immigration officials have decided not to set them free.

According to reports, Alvarez-Flores and Hernandez-Rivera lured three girls ages 14 to 16 into gang life, and in January, held them in their apartment against their will, where they were allegedly drugged and raped.

One of the teens, Gemesis Cornejo, 15, was killed after she struck the Satanic shrine that the men had erected in their apartment. Her body had been found in the street by a man driving his children to school. Police state that Cornejo suffered gunshot wounds to the head and stomach.