Former Planned Parenthood Managers: Abortion Giant Doesn’t Offer Help for Pregnant Women

– February 23, 2017

Two former Planned Parenthood managers state that they had been disappointed after taking the job to find out that the organization didn’t really offer help for pregnant women or those needing other types of women’s health care.

Ramona Trevino, who formerly managed a Planned Parenthood facility in Sherman, Texas, and Sue Thayer, who once managed Planned Parenthood’s Storm Lake, Iowa facility, and then went on to manage the LaMars location, recently sat down with Lila Rose of Live Action to recount their experiences working for the organization.

They both expressed the letdown they felt in realizing that Planned Parenthood had nothing to offer women who needed help with their struggles with infertility or pregnant mothers who wanted to carry their baby to term.

“There was nothing to offer these women. Many times I felt that I couldn’t help in the way that I wanted to help,” Trevino explained during the interview, now posted to YouTube. “For example, prenatal care. There was no prenatal care. There was nothing we could offer women who were pregnant. There was nothing we could offer for women seeking fertility treatments or who were trying to conceive.”