Facebook: Another Christian Censored

TruNews – February 21, 2017

Every single day any one person can say that they have seen at least some sort of pornographic material being circulated on Facebook. Most recently I reported a page because I received a friend invite from a person who blatantly had the word pornography on the description of their page, not to mention the suggestive profile picture. Well, the Zuckerberg crew responded saying that the page did not violate their policies or standards. So, how does the Bible violate their standards? Elizabeth Johnston, aka the “Activist Mommy,” says there is a big disconnect between Zuckerberg’s recent call for a global “inclusive community” and Facebook’s “censorship of Christians”.

“They are muzzling me and my biblical message while Mark Zuckerberg claims that FB is unbiased,” she stated in a news release.

In a LifeSiteNews article the mother is said to have had her page frozen three times now, twice in seven days, because of her posts. Last week, she posted her argument that the Bible condemns homosexuality, using Old and New Testament sources. Facebook removed the post and suspended her access to the page. It also stripped her of her ability to respond to private comments for three days.