Judges: Gays’ feelings trump Christian’s faith

Bob Unruh – February 15, 2017

The nine judges on the Washington state Supreme Court – Mary Fairhurst, Charles Johnson, Barb Madsen, Susan Owens, Debra Stephens, Charles Wiggins, Steve Gonzalez, Sheryl McCloud and Mary Yu – have decided they can order a citizen to violate her Christian faith.

Affirming the aim of “eradicating discrimination,” McCloud wrote in her opinion that the state’s nondiscrimination law takes precedent over religious belief, even if it “substantially burdens” constitutional, religious, free-exercise rights.

The case is over Washington floral artist Barronelle Stutzman’s refusal to support same-sex “marriage” with her artistry. She was sued by the state for her decision, which was based on her sincerely held religious faith.

Stutzman’s advocates immediately announced they will seek a review at the U.S. Supreme Court to reverse a decision “that concluded that the government can force her – and, by extension, other Washingtonians – to create artistic expression and participate in events with which they disagree.”