Hundreds of thousands of dead fish cover beaches in the Gulf of Nicoya, Costa Rica

Strange Sounds – February 15, 2017

Alarmed officials are investigating the cause of the unexplained and widespread fish mass die-off in Piedra Santa beach, La Mona, Ensenada and Los Moragas.

This fish kill isn’t localized to one single place. No, here we have a giant mass die-off that stretches over several kilometers of beaches around the Gulf of Nicoya. It’s not a local problem. It’s a global problem!

Thousands of fish were found dead on several beaches in the Gulf of Nicoya on Wednesday, but no apparent cause is known at this time.

All the fish are the same species (Galician sardine). At the moment, no other affected animals have been found.

Officials have no detail on how many beaches are being affected by this phenomenon, but it is known that dead fish covered Piedra Santa beach, La Mona, Ensenada, Manzanillo and the Moragas estuary.