MK Glick’s Christian-Jewish Push to Move Embassy First Step To Building Temple, Says Pastor

Adam Eliyahu Berkowitz – February 9, 2017

In a move one prominent pastor believes will be the first step towards building the Third Temple, Jews and Christians are coming together on a project to give President Donald Trump major support for moving the US Embassy to Jerusalem.

The initiative began last month, when Rabbi Yehudah Glick, a Likud Knesset Member and activist for multi-faith prayer on the Temple Mount, attended the inauguration of President Donald Trump. While in Washington, Rabbi Glick spent much of his time meeting Christian clergy and lay leaders. Out of those meetings grew a project joining Christians and Jews, centered around the battle for Jerusalem.

“We are trying to raise a strong coalition around Jerusalem, to be a tower against the pressure on President Trump not to move the embassy,” Rabbi Glick explained to Breaking Israel News. “He needs a strong support base, and the Jerusalem Covenant is one of the ways we are going to show this support.”

As a means to combat the vocal opposition to recognizing Jerusalem as the Jewish capital, Rabbi Glick is working to collect as many signatures as possible for the Jerusalem Covenant.