Mom fights government plan to change son’s gender

Bob Unruh – January 28, 2017

A Minnesota mother is suing school and county officials who granted her minor-aged son’s request for a sex-change, without her consent.

The case was brought by Anmarie Calgaro against St. Louis County and several agencies “for usurping her parental rights over her minor son, providing him with transgender services and narcotic drugs.”

According to the Thomas More Society, which represents the mother, the defendants handled the minor, now 17, “as an emancipated minor despite no court action to that effect.”

Special Counsel Erick Kaardal argued in court that the county and others, including medical agencies and the school district, “did not provide notice or hearing to Calgaro prior to terminating her parental rights over her minor child.”

He pointed out that notice would have been required in marital dissolution, paternity or child protection cases and asked, “Why is it not required in emancipation?”

Kaardal said the service providers were stepping into a governmental role but not providing parental due process, creating a constitutional concern.