Ice storm paralyses New Brunswick, Canada – Still 61,000 households without power – Thousands of transformer explosions

Strange Sounds – January 27, 2017

This week’s ice storm has been a cold and dark nightmare for residents of New Brunswick, Canada.

More than 61,000 households are still without power.

The ice storm that swept through the province began on Tuesday, with some of the heaviest freezing rain and ice hitting New Brunswick’s Acadian Peninsula Wednesday night.

On New Brunswick’s frozen streets, broken branches dangle from powerlines, ice-heavy trees have fallen and split, and in some cases, the weight of the accumulated ice has been enough to snap wooden hydro poles. In affected areas, falling tree limbs and ice has created a steady percussive cacophony.

At the peak of the storm, more than 133,000 households were without power in the province. Crews have been toiling non-stop to get people back on the grid, but the work is so complex that NB Power says that they can’t guarantee a restoration time at this point. More than half of affected households particularly those in Moncton and the Acadian Peninsula are still in the dark. NB Power is urging customers to remain patient.

With widespread power outages, warming centres have been opened across the province and will keep their doors open as long as people are still without electricity.