French PM Cazeneuve renews calls for creating an EU army

TruNews – January 18, 2017

(WASHINGTON, DC) French Prime Minister Bernard Cazeneuve has called for the creation of an independent European defense system, in response to Donald Trump’s recent criticism of NATO, which the US president-elect called “obsolete.”

In the interview with German newspaper Bild and the Times of London, published Sunday, Trump raised doubts that the US, under his leadership, would come to the rescue of its NATO allies in Europe if Russia were to attack them.

“Number one, it [NATO] was obsolete because it was designed many, many years ago. Number two, the countries aren’t paying what they’re supposed to pay,” Trump told his interviewers. “It’s obsolete because it wasn’t taking care of terror [sic].”

Just as with his campaign rhetoric, Trump’s latest interview made a number of European capitals apprehensive. And while German Chancellor Angela Merkel has stated that “Europeans have our fate in our own hands,” Cazeneuve called Tuesday for the establishment of a European defense system to break away from Washington’s security dependency, which has reigned in Europe for seven decades.