Blasphemy? Koran reading in Glasgow church ‘denigrated Jesus,’ says Queen’s chaplain

RT – January 17, 2017

A church that chose a reading from the Koran for its Epiphany service has been criticized by the Queen’s chaplain, who said the reading was inappropriate because Christians are “suffering dreadful persecution at the hands of Muslims in the Middle East.”

In a letter to the Times, Rev Gavin Ashenden berated the decision by Glasgow’s St Mary’s Cathedral to use a passage of the Islamic holy book explaining why Jesus is not the son of God.

It picked the reading as part of its January 6 service, the day marking the end of what is commonly known as the Twelve Days of Christmas.

In the Christian tradition the day celebrates the revelation of God incarnate as Jesus Christ, but Muslims regard Jesus as just another prophet.

“The justification offered that it engages some kind of reciprocity founders on the understandable refusal of Islamic communities to read passages of the Gospel in Muslim prayers announcing the Lordship of Christ,” Rev Ashenden wrote.