Deployment Of 300 Marines Arrives In Norway Right Near Russia’s Border

Jonah Bennett – January 16, 2017

A group of 300 Marines arrived near Russia’s border in Norway for a six-month-long deployment, further ramping up U.S. tensions with Russia and making some Norwegian observers nervous.

U.S. troops are set to stay in Norway for a year, but the first group of Marines, hailing from Camp Lejeune, plan to cycle out once they hit the six-month mark, Reuters reports.

The first force of 300 Marines landed at the Vaernes military base in Norway Monday, which is approximately 900 miles from the Russian border.

The purpose of the deployment, which is the first to the region since World War II, is to train Marines in winter warfare and how to survive the unforgiving arctic climate. Later, the Marines will embark on the Joint Viking Exercises, the main point of which is to practice the defense of Norway. British forces will also take part.