World War III is on its way, says poll of Western countries

Ben Kentish – January 7, 2017

World War Three is just around the corner and the planet is teetering on the brink of all-out conflict – according to people in major Western nations, at least.

A new poll shows the public are somewhat gloomy about the future, fearing a “worldwide conflict” is looming.

With superpowers backing different sides in the bloody conflict in Syria, Isis continuing to fight in the Middle East, a spate of terrorist attacks across the globe and Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump both talking a tough game, the YouGov survey of 9,000 people across nine countries found popular opinion thinks world peace has rarely been further away.

People in the US were most likely to predict a world war, while French, German and British people were also pessimistic.

Some 64 per cent of Americans think the world is close to a major war, compared to just 15 who think world peace is likely.

Britons are only slightly more hopeful: 19 per cent believe peace is possible but 61 per cent say war is a distinct possibility.