UN ships 6 of 10 refugees to US, even more this year

Paul Bedard  -January 5, 2017

The international organization that chooses refugees for new homes sends 62 percent to the United States, and only a handful are in need of emergency medical help or protection from potential attacks, according to a new analysis.

The United Nations Commissioner for Refugees reports that of the 134,044 it resettled in 2015, 82,491 went to the U.S. Canada received the second highest in 2015, 22,886, or just 17 percent.

The top country of origin was Syria. President Obama has promised to settle tens of thousands of Syrians, in the midst of a civil war, in the United States despite outcries from many local officials fearful that the United Nations isn’t making sure some aren’t terrorists. This year, the U.N. is considering another 1,190,519 cases.

The Center for Immigration Studies on Thursday released its new analysis on the U.N. numbers and found several startling problems that could prompt a review of the process.

Key among the findings was that only a handful face immediate threats.