US Army Deploys Thousands of Troops and Dozens of Tanks to Eastern Europe

Sputnik News – January 6, 2017

The US military has begun the deployment of 4,000 troops and 87 tanks to Eastern Europe, German media reported on Thursday.

The US army is unloading 87 tanks and other military equipment including jeeps and howitzers from three transport ships at the German port of Bremerhaven, Germany’s Radio Bremen reported on Friday.

The equipment is being transported to Poland by rail, from where it will be distributed across the Baltic States, Bulgaria and Romania. A spokesman for the German Bundeswehr in Brandenburg said that a total 900 wagons would be required to transport the freight by rail, with a total length of 14 kilometers.

The extra military presence is part of the Atlantic Resolve operation launched by the US military in April 2014, in the aftermath of the US-backed Maidan coup d’etat in Ukraine.