Massive quake off Fiji triggers tsunami warning within 300km radius

RT – January 3, 2017

A powerful earthquake has struck off the coast of Fiji, triggering a tsunami warning within 300km of the epicenter. The USGS downgraded the quake to 6.9 while the PTWC measured it at 7.0, warning that waves up to 1 meter might hit the island nation.

The quake, initially measured at 7.2 magnitude, was centered some 221 km southwest of Nadi at a depth of 15.2 km, the USGS said. A series of strong aftershocks measuring between 4.9 and 5.8 struck the same area within an hour after the initial quake.

“The tsunami threat from this earthquake has now passed,” the PTWC said in their latest update after the Center warned that waves of up to 1 meter could hit the coast of Fiji.

“There is no longer a tsunami threat from this earthquake…remain observant and exercise normal caution near the sea,” the PTWC said.