Turkey Has Declared War On Syria – Does This Mean That World War 3 Is About To Erupt In The Middle East?



Michael Snyder – November 29, 2016

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has just announced that the only reason Turkish military forces have entered northern Syria is to “end the rule of the tyrant al-Assad”.  By publicly proclaiming that Turkey intends to use military force to overthrow the regime of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, Erdogan has essentially declared war on the Syrian government.  Of course this puts a member of NATO in direct military conflict with Russia, since Russia is working very hard to prop up the Assad regime.  If all-out war breaks out between Turkey and Russia, could that be the spark that causes World War 3 to erupt in the Middle East?  And once Turkey and Russia start fighting, would the United States and the rest of NATO be dragged into the conflict?

The big mainstream news networks in the western world are almost completely ignoring what Erdogan said on Tuesday, but without a doubt this is major news.  The following comes from a Turkish news source

The Turkish military launched its operations in Syria to end the rule of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan said Nov. 29.

“In my estimation, nearly 1 million people have died in Syria. These deaths are still continuing without exception for children, women and men. Where is the United Nations? What is it doing? Is it in Iraq? No. We preached patience but could not endure in the end and had to enter Syria together with the Free Syrian Army [FSA],” Erdoğan said at the first Inter-Parliamentary Jerusalem Platform Symposium in Istanbul.


U.S. House Votes to Toughen Sanctions, Assess a No Fly Zone In Syria



On November 15, 2016, the U.S. House of Representatives convened a special session with the normal rules of order suspended and passed H.R. 5732, also known as the Caesar Syria Civilian Protection Act. The CSCPA passed unanimously with only forty minutes of “debate” on the floor. Because normal rules were suspended, only a few members of Congress were present for the vote and, conveniently, those members who were present were all warmongers.

The CSCPA, of course, is a bill that both toughens the sanctions on Syria and calls for the creation of a No Fly Zone.

In terms of the new sanctions, the bill would impose new penalties and sanctions on entities doing business with the Syrian government, military, and intelligence. The legislation also requires the President to report to Congress regarding the viability of a No Fly Zone over Syria.

It also allows the Secretary of State to compile and gather evidence for the purpose of prosecuting those who are alleged to have committed war crimes and crimes against humanity. This, of course, is all based upon the assumption that the Syrian government has committed such crimes and that only the Syrian government has committed them.


3 dead as wildfires scorch 250 buildings in Tennessee




Authorities in Tennesssee announced Tuesday that three people died in the massive fire that continues to bear down on the Great Smoky Mountain region of Tennessee.

Emergency officials said that 14,000 people were evacuated from Gatlinburg alone and at least 250 buildings have been damaged or destroyed. There were no details on the fatalities.

About 12 people were taken to hospitals, mostly with non-life-threatening injuries, said Gatlinburg Fire Chief Greg Miller.

The Tennessee Emergency Management Agency said in a news release that at least 10 of the homes that were impacted were in Gatlinburg, including a 16-story hotel and an apartment complex. According to Fox 17 Nashville, 30 structures have been burned in Gatlinburg.

Linda Monholland, who was working at Park View Inn in Gatlinburg, said it was about 9 p.m. Monday when she left her workplace with about five other people. Surrounded by flames the whole way, they walked for about 20 minutes to a trolley to evacuate

Attacks on German Jews rise by 200%


Gravestones with nazi graffity

David Charter – November 29 2016

Antisemitism in Germany has risen threefold in one year, according to a new analysis of crime figures.

There were 2,083 cases of attacks on Jews, Jewish property and hate speech against Jews last year, according to the Ministry of Justice. That compares with 691 cases in 2014.

The figures come from the first national analysis of xenophobic and far-right crime by the ministry, applying the same criteria across all states, which were obtained by the Süddeutsche Zeitung newspaper.


Fear of the beast: Your driver’s license is shared with entire world



Bob Unruh – November 29, 2016

The use of biometric identification methods has been rising in popularity for years, with dozens of states now requiring some form of the technology on driver’s licenses and other official documents.

But a case that has been percolating in Oklahoma since 2011 could have a lot to say about biometrics going forward.

The state Supreme Court will determine whether Oklahoma’s requirement that driver’s licenses have a biometric photograph is a violation of the constitutional free exercise of religion.

Kaye Beach of Norman, Oklahoma, believes the state’s collection of biometric information is the beginning of the “mark of the beast,” the sign of the Antichrist prophesied in the biblical book of Revelation.

According to the complaint filed by Beach’s legal defender, the Rutherford Institute, she was unable to renew her license after refusing to have a photo taken and give a fingerprint. She essentially has been turned into “a non-person” by the state because she refuses to allow her image to be distributed to a wide range of national and international crime-fighting organizations, the complaint charges.

Kaye’s claims initially were decided in favor of the state by the trial court in a summary judgment.

There was no testimony in the case before the decision, only documents.

According to John Whitehead, president of the Rutherford Institute, the trial court entered its ruling without an explanation.


The Ohio State Terror Attack Is Exactly The Type Of Knife Attack That ISIS Has Been Calling For



Michael Snyder – November 28, 2016

We have entered an era when Americans are going to have to realize that Islamic terrorists can strike virtually anywhere without any warning whatsoever. At one time terror targets were chosen for their political or religious significance, but now radical Islamic clerics are urging their followers to strike the “infidels” wherever they can. And this new approach actually instills more fear, because there is no way to predict where or when the next attack will happen. On Monday it was Columbus, Ohio but next week it might be your community. We just don’t know, but what we do know is that Islamic terror is on the rise. So far this year there have been well over 1000 Islamic terror attacks around the planet, and in 2017 there will probably be even more. Radical Islamic terror groups are growing like cancer all over the globe, and what we have seen so far is nothing compared to what is coming.

Most students at Ohio State University never would have imagined that they would be the target of a terror attack on Monday, but that is preciously what happened. The following comes from the Columbus Dispatch

Monday morning dawned on the Ohio State University campus in positive fashion. Students had just returned after visits home for Thanksgiving weekend. And they were still in a celebratory mood from the Buckeyes’ football win over rival Michigan on Saturday.

Nothing would have prepared anyone for what had happened by late morning.

A student, Ohio State police say, drove a car into a group of people standing outside a campus building, throwing some into the air and running over others. The driver then jumped from the car with a butcher knife, slashing more people. Less than a minute after the attack, an OSU police officer had shot and killed the man. In the end, 11 people were injured.


Texas to implement rules requiring burial or cremation of fetal remains



Texas’ proposed rules requiring the cremation or burial of fetal remains will take effect Dec. 19, according to state health officials.

Despite intense outcry from the medical community and reproductive rights advocates, the state will prohibit hospitals, abortion clinics and other health care facilities from disposing of fetal remains in sanitary landfills, instead allowing only cremation or burial of all remains — regardless of the period of gestation.

Texas health officials, who quietly proposed the rules in July, are adopting the new requirements with few changes following months of public comment periods, two hours-long hearings and more than 35,000 comments submitted to the state’s Health and Human Services Commission.

In the final rules filed with the secretary of state’s office on Monday, health officials clarified that the requirement does not apply to miscarriages or abortions that occur at home.


Iran May Seek Naval Bases in Yemen or Syria


An Iranian flag flutters in front of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) headquarters in Vienna, Austria, January 15, 2016. REUTERS/Leonhard Foeger

– November 28, 2016

DUBAI (Reuters) – Iran may seek to set up naval bases in Yemen or Syria in the future, the chief of staff of the Iranian armed forces said in remarks published on Sunday.

His comments, likely to be of concern to Shi’ite Iran‘s Sunni regional rival Saudi Arabia and its allies, raised the prospect of distant footholds perhaps being more valuable militarily to Tehran than nuclear technology.

“We need distant bases, and it may become possible one day to have bases on the shores of Yemen or Syria, or bases on islands or floating [bases],” said General Mohammad Hossein Baqeri, quoted by the Shargh daily newspaper.

“Is having distant bases less than nuclear technology? I say it is worth dozens of times more,” added Baqeri, who was speaking at a gathering of naval commanders.


France on the Verge of Total Collapse



Guy Millière – November 24, 2016

France is in turmoil. “Migrants” arriving from Africa and the Middle East sow disorder and insecurity in many cities. The huge slum commonly known as the “jungle of Calais” has just been dismantled, but other slums are being created each day. In eastern Paris, streets have been covered with corrugated sheets, oilcloth and disjointed boards. Violence is commonplace. France’s 572 “no-go zones,” officially defined as “sensitive urban areas”, continue to grow, and police officers who approach them often suffer the consequences. Recently, a police car drove into an ambush and was torched while the police were prevented from getting out. If attacked, police officers are told by their superiors to flee rather than retaliate. Many police officers, angry at having to behave like cowards, have organized demonstrations. No terrorist attacks have taken place since the slaughter of a priest in Saint-Etienne-du-Rouvray on July 26, 2016, but intelligence services see that jihadists have returned from the Middle East and are ready to act, and that riots may break out anywhere, any time, on any pretext.


Wisconsin agrees to recount votes – but rejects Jill Stein’s hand recount request



RT – November 28, 2016

Wisconsin Election Commission agreed to a ballot recount of nearly 3 million votes in the state’s presidential election but rejected a Green Party request ordering a hand recount. Jill Stein also officially demanded Pennsylvania’s vote recount.

“It is a matter of looking at the ballot and tabulators agreeing on either a hand count to agree what the vote is or examining the ballot and putting it back into the voting equipment,” said Mike Hass, Wisconsin Elections Commission said on Monday during a press conference.

Hass said before that happens a series of steps have to happen first including reconciling election materials like poll lists and absentee ballot materials.

“There are technical and procedural steps they must take to ensure the number of voters that are marked on the poll list as voting matches the numbers of ballots that are being counted.”

The recount may begin as early as Thursday if the state receives payment Tuesday. The Wisconsin Election Commission gave counties until noon Monday to submit estimated costs for the efforts so that Green Party candidate Jill Stein could be billed.