U.S. and Russia offer fierce words — but not relief — on Syria attacks



Tracy Wilkinson October 1, 2016

The strained relationship between Washington and Moscow deteriorated further Saturday with new threats over Syria but no sign of relief to widespread bloodshed there.

As yet another hospital in the besieged city of Aleppo was reported bombed by Russian or Syrian government warplanes, a senior Russian official warned of “tectonic” consequences if the United States attacked forces loyal to Syrian President Bashar Assad.

The U.S., clearly frustrated and angry at what it describes as brutal, indiscriminate attacks on civilians by Syria and its Russian allies, warned this week it would end cooperation with Moscow over Syria if the violence continues.

Washington would end diplomatic negotiations with Russia over Syria and renege on an offer to share military intelligence if the attacks don’t stop, and would consider “all other options,” the State Department said.


U.S. resumes Russian routes for nuke-capable bombers



JOSEPH FARAH – September 30, 2016

For years, during the Cold War, the United States flew nuclear-capable bombers on routes that approached the Soviet Union, just to let the Kremlin know of America’s potential for self-defense and response.

They’re back, according to Joseph Farah’s G2 Bulletin.

A new report reveals that the U.S. has been dispatching bombers on routes over the top of the world that reach far into the Baltic Sea and approach Russia, and then return home.

One recent sortie was Aug. 1. The trip included B-2 stealth bombers and both nuclear-capable and conventional bombers.

Hans Kristensen, the head of the Nuclear Information Project at the Federation of American Scientists, recently reported on the organization’s website: “Just a few years ago, U.S. nuclear bombers didn’t spend much time in Europe. They were focused on operations in the Middle East, Western Pacific, and Indian Ocean. Despite several years of souring relations and mounting evidence that the ‘reset’ with Russia had failed or certainly not taken off, NATO couldn’t make itself say in public that Russia gradually was becoming an adversary once again.”


3 Things To Prepare For No Matter Which Candidate Wins the Election



Whatever the result is of this year’s presidential election, fundamental issues broiling behind the scenes will no doubt prove the virtual powerlessness of the POTUS to bring about positive developments for the people of this nation and of the world.

The deep state machinery that controls our national destiny is much more powerful than the titular figurehead of the republic, which is why electoral debates will not address the fundamental issues driving us deeper into chaos, for the candidates are just as trapped as we are.

The wheels are already in motion for major hits to national and global stability, and whomever you choose to vote for, if you care to vote at all, prudence and common sense should compel you to prepare for what is unfolding behind the scenes of the election distraction.

1.) More Civil Unrest, 2.) Another Economic Crisis. 3.) The Very Real Possibility of a Third World War


UK PM to begin Brexit process before German election



DW – October 1, 2016

Theresa May has said she plans to introduce a bill to scrap the legislation that took the UK into the European Union. May also said the UK would not wait for the 2017 German election before triggering the Brexit process.

In a front-page story in “The Sunday Times” under the headline “May fires starting gun,” British Prime Minister Theresa May has announced her plans to make Britain “a sovereign and independent country” by repealing the act that brought the United Kingdom in the European Union.

“We will introduce, in the next Queen’s speech, a Great Repeal Bill that will remove the European Communities Act from the statute book,” said May.

EU law and regulations would instead be enshrined in British law and then removed or kept, depending on what the UK parliament decided.

The act would take legal effect once Britain formally leaves the European Union, the newspaper reported.


Rise of Satanism another sign of ‘America’s fall from God’



Wnd – September 28, 2016

Elementary schools forced by the government to allow “Satan Clubs” on school grounds. Statues of Baphomet are erected in major American cities. And a national headquarters for the “Satanic Temple” in Salem, Massachusetts, famous for its “witch trials” during colonial times.

Has America gone to the devil? Christian leaders are speaking out – and they are reluctantly saying it has.

Karl Payne, pastor of leadership development at Antioch Bible Church and the former chaplain of the NFL’s Seattle Seahawks, said the rise of devil worship is an ominous development.

“Historian Arnold Toynbee famously declared countries crumble from within,” he said. “I believe we are nearing the end of that same course in our country that once represented a light of hope and freedom to the world.”

Payne, the author of “Spiritual Warfare: Christians, Demonization and Deliverance,” said America is no longer a Christian nation. And Christians need to wake up.


Scientists just documented the first case of Zika spreading through physical contact



PETER DOCKRILL – September 30, 2016

A mysterious and extreme case of Zika in the US has shown that we still have a lot to learn when it comes to the virus – and suggests the virus may be capable of being spread by physical contact.

Earlier this year health authorities in Utah were baffled when a patient contracted Zika – but not via any of the usual channels through which the virus is known to spread.

Previously, scientists thought Zika could only be contracted from the bites of infected Aedes aegypti mosquitoes, through semen, or by being passed on from pregnant women to their foetuses.

But a new study, led by researchers from the University of Utah, has examined the Utah episode, and concludes that Zika virus – at least in this very peculiar case – appears to have been spread through physical contact alone.

Not only that, but the virus could be deadlier than we first thought, because while the patient in this scenario was elderly, he was otherwise healthy when he contracted the virus, but died soon after in hospital.


Violent eruption of Mexico’s ‘Volcano of Fire’ forces evacuations (PHOTOS, VIDEO)



RT – October 2, 2016

Streams of lava and large plumes of ash emitted in a dramatic volcanic eruption has forced residents in the state of Colima, Mexico to leave their homes.

One of the most active volcanoes in North America, the Colima volcano has been erupting slowly since early September.

More than 300 people were ordered on Friday to evacuate from two villages in the foothills of Volcan de Fuego, the 3,839-meter mountain which towers over the states of Jalisco and Colima.

Late Friday, Colima State Governor Jose Ignacio Peralta ordered people to evacuate from the nearby villages of La Becerrera and La Yerbabuena because of lava and noxious gases being emitted by the volcano.


US federal authorities list first bee species as endangered



DW – October 1, 2016

Seven types of Hawaiian native bees are now facing possible extinction, US wildlife authorities say. Another bee found in the continental US is also being considered for protection.

Seven varieties of yellow-faced or masked bees native only to Hawaii were listed for protection under the Endangered Species Act on Friday, the first time any bees in the United States have been classified as being in danger of extinction.

The bees’ existence is threatened by such factors as habitat loss, wildfires and invasion by plants, animals and insects not native to the region.

Yellow-faced bees were once abundant on Hawaii and Maui, the two largest islands of the Hawaiian Islands, but recent surveys have shown a drastic decline in their populations, according to federal wildlife managers. The bees pollinate some of Hawaii’s endangered native plant species, leading to fears by environmentalists that many of these could also become extinct.


Russia: U.S. controlling an “international terrorist alliance”


Hizballah artillery in action in Syria

CBS/AP – September 29, 2016

MOSCOW — Russian officials accused the U.S. on Thursday of siding with “terrorists” in Syria, in a sign of escalating tensions between Moscow and Washington amid the battle for the northern Syrian city of Aleppo.

U.S. State Department spokesman John Kirby’s warning that the collapse of U.S.-Russian cooperation in Syria could lead to a rise in extremism and potential attacks against Russia drew Moscow’s anger.

The Russian Foreign and Defense Ministries both cast it as U.S. encouragement of terror attacks on Russia.

“We can’t assess those statements as anything else but a call, a directive for action,” Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said at a briefing.

Defense Ministry spokesman Maj. Gen. Igor Konashenkov said Kirby’s statement amounted to “the most frank confession by the U.S. side so far that the whole ‘opposition’ ostensibly fighting a ‘civil war’ in Syria is a U.S.-controlled international terrorist alliance.”


European Commission Demands Money For EU Army



Breitbart London – September 28, 2016

(REUTERS) – The European Union’s executive wants to boost the bloc’s joint defence and security with an initial investment of 90 million euros (£77.5 million) in research, marking a turning point after years of cuts.

Defence research spending by EU governments has fallen by a third since 2006, official figures show. Now the European Commission proposes to use the EU budget to fund it.

For graphics on EU states’ defence spending, please see: tmsnrt.rs/2ctbMmP and tmsnrt.rs/2d0bYKF

A 90 million-euro plan put forward by the Commission could serve as a pilot programme for research from 2017 to 2019. The European Defence Agency hopes for a larger amount from the EU budget from 2021.

“For the first time in its history, the EU is paving the way for a substantive defence research programme,” said Jorge Domecq, chief executive of the agency, which helps EU governments develop their military capabilities.